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Dr. Payaso Project – 2011

By makingp

enero 29, 2011

Dr. Payaso, Laughter Therapy, Love, Risoterapia, volunteerism

México D.F. –Mayo 2011 

DrPayasoThe great and enthusiastic “Dr. Payaso”  team visits regularly Hospital Pediátrico C.M.N. Siglo XXI to bring hope and joy.

Alex García, Lisa Mooney, Jesse O´Connor and Angie Luna lead the team and have been inspiring volunteers, as you see below, to form a strong dedicated team to not only give a moment of joy to patients with terminal illnesses but also to communicate and connect with their parents, in order to give them comfort and strength.

A truly noble cause that this team is initiating with great determination. Their efforts will undoubtfully go far. Vea Voluntariado A.C. is very happy and proud work alongside them.


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