abril 25


Guitar Workshops at Youth Center

By makingp

abril 25, 2019

Love, Music, volunteerism, workshop, youth jail

Youth Rehabilitation Center in Mexico City

DSC00046 copia
Rody teaching at Youth Center
  • Despising not the little things, we feel encouraged that giving these young folks moments of creativity and distraction contributes in a big way to give them joy and encouragement amidst a difficult reality they live daily.
  • Some of them, we have seen through the years of doing these workshops, end up resuming their lives in society. Big challenge and great satisfaction.
  • It is a joy when we go back and some of them no longer attend the classes because they were released and it is our hope that our seed goes with them.
  • During the classes conversations are generated, which also helps to instill hope for the future in their hearts.
  • It is a privilege to be able to contribute in this way.


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