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Let’s Advance With Illusion and Enthusiasm

By wpengine

enero 28, 2019

Año nuevo, do not loose faith, faith, fe, illusion, ilusión, intención, intention, New Year

By Paula Serrano.

Illusion Quote

“Although faith is a firmer belief that springs from the soul, illusion is a hope whose fulfillment attracts us, and as such has a close kinship with faith. Just as we should not lose hope, we should not lose our illusion and much less our faith. We must treasure these virtues that are closely related, safeguard them, because they give a spark to our lives, and they motivate us to materialize our dreams and anticipate future realities.”

“The illusion is the road to entrepreneurship and the achievement of objectives, which today is essential to survive. But an illusion is more than that. It is not just the search for an objective; it is the dream of walking on the path that leads to it; it is to understand that the process itself can be beautiful if I choose to enjoy it, if I stop and allow myself to feel that I am alive and happy, just because I am fulfilling my dreams. Let us not allow our fears to pave the way in our lives.»

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